Przedsiębiorstwo Transportu Samochodowego S.A., based in Kraków, has been operating under the current brand since 1993. We have been successfully providing transport, equipment, construction and maintenance services for many years. Thanks to our experience and every-day involvement, we have created a company that is an excellent candidate for good cooperation and even a partner for success!

Who are we?

  • First of all – we like what we do!
  • Our code of fundamental values includes reliability, solidness, certainty, trust and, most importantly, involvement. And we take this seriously!
  • We are not afraid of changes – courage and boldness have been with us since the beginning!
  • We continuously raise our skills – to make our offering even more attractive!
  • We listen to our clients and we really try – we do it for them and for ourselves!
  • We emphasise credibility and long-term cooperation. And we can be relied on!
  • We observe corporate social responsibility rules – we feel responsible for our surroundings, the environment and the people who live and work in it!

Przedsiębiorstwo Transportu Samochodowego S.A.
Registered office and address: ul. Mrozowa 6, 31-752 Kraków
Telephone: +48 (12) 390 32 01
Fax: +48 (12) 644 65 93
KRS: 0000088642

REGON: 350361959
NIP: 6780056030
Share Capital: 8.054.800,00 zł