Cognor Group’s objective is to build value for shareholders by maximising the Group’s profitability whilst building dividend capacity.

Cognor Holding is a vertically-integrated steel producer, which means that it independently procures scrap, the main raw material essential for production, then melts it into liquid form, which after treating and refining with appropriate additives becomes steel.

Cognor Group produces a wide variety of steel products, ranging from basic and alloy steels to unusual products such as armoured metal sheets (including for the wheeled armoured vehicle Rosomak), heat-resistant sheets and stainless steel.

The Group’s flexible assortment is based upon the narrow specialisations of its production facilities (steelworks and rolling mills).

Thanks to its many years of experience in the steel product industry, the Group is widely recognisable both in Poland and elsewhere in Europe. Cognor is managed by a highly qualified and experienced management team having well-rounded know-how in the production of steel goods and a wealth of industry experience, allowing the Group to properly identify market trends, maintain stable relations with clients and bring in new business.