Cognor Złomrex Branch in Wrocław’s history dates back to 1990, when Przedsiębiorstwo Obrotu Surowcami Wtórnymi was established, which was later transformed into ZŁOMREX Sp. z o.o. Further development and the acquisition of additional entities resulted in the formation of ZŁOMREX Group.

The key strategy was based upon the following platforms:

  • raw materials
  • production
  • distribution

In 2009, ZŁOMREX S.A. changed its name to COGNOR S.A. and all entities were integrated in COGNOR Group.

Cognor Złomrex Branch in Wrocław began operations in 2007 as an independent entity, overtaking operational activities in trade and provision of raw materials to the Group’s production facilities. The company’s registered office is in Poraj near Częstochowa. The company’s structure includes over a dozen of branches, with warehousing and technical infrastructure as well as the same number of collection sites. Two trade offices, in Poraj and Wrocław, are in charge of coordinating activities.

We have been specialising for many years in trading steel and non-ferrous metal scrap as well as products made of copper and copper alloys. We are a leading supplier of raw materials to Polish and foreign steelworks.

A rich offering, reliable and professional customer service and years of experience allow us to continually develop our company. By working with us, you have the certainty that you have a stable and credible partner. We place at your disposal our competent and involved sales team, wishing you many successes and satisfaction from working with us.

Cognor Oddział Złomrex we Wrocławiu
Registered office and address: ul. Piłsudskiego 49-57, 50-032 Wrocław
Telephone: +48 (34) 316 01 25
Fax: +48 (34) 316 01 12