Founded in 1993, Ferrostal Łabędy continues the nearly 100-year-old steelmaking tradition in the town of Gliwice in Silesia, the most industrially developed region of Poland.

Many years of experience in the steelmaking industry, excellently trained staff and modern technical equipment mean that Ferrostal continuously produces top-quality products, as confirmed by a number of industry certificates. Our key product is steels in inglots with square, rectangular and round sections made of carbon steels, low-alloy steels and steels with micro-additives. Advanced technology, cost effectiveness and process flexibility allow us to produce a very wide array of steel types in short series. Our products are used in the automotive segment, mining, pipe production and forged products. A large part of the steel produced at Ferrostal is subject to further processing into final products in our rolling mill, which consists of three rolling lines that produce a wide assortment of long hot-rolled products. Our technical equipment and proper organisation of production allow us to achieve very strong product quality and efficient customer service in orders large and small. The rolling mill uses steel exclusively from Ferrostal’s steel plant, which guarantees the highest product quality. We have a unique reverse-rolling technology, which makes it possible to achieve material structures with exceptional durability parameters. This lets us specialise in the production of flat and round bars intended for heat processing, high-quality construction goods and spring steels. Our in-house laboratory conducts research on raw steel, steel products, smelter raw materials and waste as well as water and waste-water.


Ferrostal Łabędy has a technically advanced laboratory, which consists of:

  • Chemical laboratory, which includes a steel analysis workshop
  • Non-metallic material analysis workshop and water and waste-water workshop
  • Metallography laboratory, which includes a sample preparation workshop as well as a durability and metallography research workshop

The laboratory meets the following standards: DIN-EN ISO 9001:2000 and PN-EN/IEC 17025:2000.

Environmental protection

From an environmental protection viewpoint, Ferrostal Łabędy operates two installations: electric smelter and rolling mill. In accordance with the existing regulations, Ferrostal Łabędy holds an integrated permit for the electric smelter and a decision concerning the generation, recovery and utilisation of waste for the rolling mill and part of the facility outside these installations, both issued by the Silesian voivodship governor. Emissions of particulate matter and gases at these installations do not exceed 10% of the permissible levels. The integrated permit includes permission for the recovery of metals received from other entities, including metal packaging waste, metal elements of decommissioned cars and metal parts of decommissioned electric and electronic equipment. Closed-end process water circuits are used.

Cognor SA Ferrostal Łabędy branch in Gliwice
Registered office and address: ul. Anny Jagiellonki 47, 44-109 Gliwice
Telephone: +48 32 234 76 00
Fax: +48 32 234 76 50