About company

The company was founded in 1991, initially focusing on trade in steelworks products. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997. In 2006, it became part of a steelworks and metal scrap trading industrial group.

The group operates in line with the highest standards in business ethics, based on the many years of experience amassed by its companies. A partner model of cooperation – both within the organisation and in contacts with clients – makes it possible for the Group to develop a unique competence in manufacturing steel products while ensuring optimal operational efficiency and meeting the growing expectations of clients on the global market.

Name Cognor Holding Spółka Akcyjna
Economic activities 46.74Z Wholesale of hardware
Registration authority District Court in Częstochowa, 17th Commercial Division of the National Court Register
Registered office Poraj
Address 42-360 Poraj
ul. Zielona 26
KRS 000071799
NIP 584-030-43-83
REGON 190028940
E-mail address cognor@cognor.eu
Telephone +48 (34) 316-01-10
Fax +48 (34) 316-01-11


The Group operates on the Polish market and exports its products abroad (mainly to other European countries, largely to Germany, where the Group sold approx. 18% of its sales volume in 2016).

Cognor Group operates in the following areas:

  • Raw material division – covers purchasing, processing, treatment and sales of steel scrap;
  • Production division – covers the processing of steel scrap into billets and billets into steel products; sales of these products; processing of coloured scrap into final products and sales of these products;
  • Sales division – covers product sales (steel products, steel scrap, steel billets, coloured scrap, coloured and other products);
  • Other – covers, among other things, holding activities conducted by the company, financing activities, recovery of materials, including plastic foil, paper and other products