Cognor Holding files prospectus


Cognor Holding files prospectus

Cognor Holding has filed a prospectus with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in connection with a planned public share offering. The company expects to raise at least PLN 101 million gross to re-finance a part of its debt.

Cognor Holding (“Company“), based on resolution 2 adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting on 25 April 2017, intends to issue from 25.1 million to 67.3 million shares series 11, with nominal value of PLN 1.5, without pre-emptive rights, in the course of a public offering. At the same time, the prospectus also covers the offering of up to 16 million in-kind contribution shares series 12 in the form of a private subscription, which will be issued in exchange for a non-cash contribution provided by PS Holdco – the Company’s principal shareholder – in the form of 100 shares in Odlewnia Metali Szopienice sp. z o.o. The value of the in-kind contribution is PLN 24 million, which denotes a more than 20% discount to the fair value of the in-kind contribution, established in accordance with a statutory auditor’s opinion. The issue price for the in-kind contribution shares will be equal to the issue price for the series 11 shares.

We are formally starting the next step in the Group’s strategic process aimed at fundamentally re-financing our debt. We want to raise no less than PLN 101 million gross from investors, which will be used to buy back a part of secured bonds issued on foreign markets, worth approx. EUR 80.9 million,” said Krzysztof Zoła, Cognor Holding’s CFO and management board member.

Let us recall that in May of this year, the Company received a letter from its banks with a commitment to provide bank financing for the same purpose in the amount of EUR 50 million. Interest on the credit facility is based on WIBOR or EURIBOR plus margin on market terms for this type of transaction. For comparison, current interest on the bonds that are to be repaid with the credit facility and a share issue is 12.5% annualised. The granting of this financing is subject to compliance with certain conditions, including negotiating and signing financial documentation. “Replacing debt with equity and loans on market terms will make it possible for us to generate substantial savings. We estimate that the new financing structure will reduce our finance costs by at least PLN 25 million per year, starting from 2018,” said Krzysztof Zoła.

The prospectus is expected to be approved after the summer holidays. The public offering will commence immediately after the Polish Financial Supervision Authority approves the prospectus. Shareholders owning at least 0.5% of the Company’s share capital will have priority in purchasing these shares.

According to the schedule, the Company plans to complete the re-financing process at the end of the third and start of the fourth quarter of 2017.


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